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It has been such a joy to partner with you throughout your project, and we hope you continue to find more to love about your home every day. 


We have compiled some additional resources for you if the need arises. These are trusted sources we have used personally and with clients.  


Thank you again for being a Carrier Design Co client. 


JuliAnne & Allison



We stand behind our manufacturers' warranties and will work with our vendors to resolve any issues within the warranty period for defects on items purchased through Carrier Design Co.


While a majority of the items we source can be cleaned with basic gentle cleaners, some vintage and custom items require special care. If these instructions are not noted on the item itself, please contact us.


Wipe furniture with a damp cloth, then wipe away any remaining moisture with a dry cloth. Using 100% cotton cloths is best. Use coasters for beverages. For low sheen wood, avoid wax-based and silicon polishes. Also avoid Windex and abrasive cleaning products.


Protect your furniture from direct sunlight and excessive humidity and dryness. Vacuum furniture regularly with a soft brush attachment. Blot stains with a clean, white cloth and check the cleaning code under the cushion for further instructions. Do not machine wash cushions. Avoid abrasive cleaning products.


Lightly scrub the affected area with a sponge or soft bristle brush. Make sure to work from the outside of the stain inward and rinse your sponge or brush often. Blot and thoroughly rinse fabric with water until the stain is cleaned. Some performance fabrics can be treated with products like Tide or Dawn. Check the cleaning code to be sure. Avoid hard scrubbing so the fabric doesn't become fuzzy.




In the event you should need a copy of any of your paid invoices for your records or insurance purposes, we recommend logging into your Ivy account and printing them or saving them to your digital files. 

We will also send a link to a google drive folder where you can download and save them.  We highly recommend doing this in case you ever need them for insurance purposes.  

Please note: your project will be archived after four months, but can be reactivated if needed.



We recommend labeling your paint cans by room and storing them in a cool dry location. You'll receive a separate email detailing your paint schedule, and we recommend printing the information and storing it with your paint.

To care for painted surfaces, we recommend the following:

  • Determine your paint finish. Eggshell, satin or semi-gloss sheens are typically more durable than flat finishes.

  • Dust your walls before washing them.

  • Start with water and a clean damp sponge.

  • Begin at the top of the wall and work in small sections using gentle circular motions.

  • Dry the area with a clean, soft cloth.

  • Never use glass or household cleaners on walls

  • Always wait 14 days to clean freshly painted walls.

Detailed instructions for Benjamin Moore paints can be found here.


Detailed instructions for Farrow & Ball paints can be found here.


Detailed instructions for Sherwin Williams paints can be found here.


As a Carrier Design Co. client, we are happy to provide you with our favorite local resources for future reference.

Carpet Cleaning

Name: Steve

Contact Info: (904) 838-3895


Handyman & Painter

Name: Tony Raines

Contact Info: (904) 469-5510


Furniture & Carpet Cleaning

Name: Zero Rez Jacksonville

Contact Info:

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Name: Mussallem Galleries

Contact Info:

*We can also arrange for our rug vendor in Atlanta to pick up your rug to be cleaned* 



It was an honor to partner with you to create a home you and your family will create a lifetime of memories in. We would love to work together on your next big project. Please reach out with any future design needs you have. Thank you once again for the opportunity to work together. Your trust means everything to us!


We hope this closing packet can be used as a reference for any product information or resources you may need in the future.


Until your next design!

Julianne Kelly

Owner & Principal Designer 

Carrier Design Co.


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