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Builder Specifications Service Details

Thank you so much for your interest in our design services. We specialize in high end new construction design and would be thrilled to partner with you to design an excellent home for your clients.


Having designed over fifty homes throughout the area and continuing to work with clients to furnish their homes once construction is complete, we know exactly what the high end consumer needs and expects when building their dream home. 


Through our organized and simplified process, we help builders, investors, and developers create elevated homes that are inspiring, functional, and timeless. The result of working with Carrier Design Co. is in the numbers

  • Our projects historically sell for the highest dollar/square foot in the area

  • Homes we design sell more quickly than surrounding homes

  • Investors save hundreds of hours on each project



$8,000 for 40 hours


4-6 weeks

Keep reading for details on our process and what it's like to work with the Carrier Design Co team. 


JuliAnne Kelly

Owner & Principal Designer


Our Specifications Design Process

While our process may vary based on the size and scope of each project, our Specifications Design Service typically follows the below structure:​


01 | Onboarding Phase

During the Onboarding Phase, we'll review build plans, budget, your vendor list, and documentation for any selections already made. We'll discuss the design direction and provide initial suggestions. 


02 | Architectural Review & Design

Depending how far along your project is, we may start our design phase with a review of your architectural plans. We'll make suggestions to optimize function and flow. From there, we'll source material selections to elevate the design. At the end of the design phase, we'll present the selections to you and make any changes necessary. 


03 | Specifications Binder 

Once any changes have been made, we'll prepare your final Specifications Binder both in print and digitally. Your Specifications Binder will include details for all materials chosen as well as drawings and instructions for installation. 

04 | Order Management

For items ordered through Carrier Design Co., like lights, mirrors, and wallpaper, our team will place orders and keep you updated of their status. As items ship and arrive, we'll coordinate delivery so your team has everything they need to install on time. 


Next Steps

We look forward to connecting with you during a complimentary Discovery Call. If we agree it's a good fit after the call, we'll send over details to purchase your block of hours and schedule your first meeting. 

Thank you, 

JuliAnne Kelly

Carrier Design Co

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